imor Manufacturers

In this section you can find your nearest imor manufacturer (maybe as a shop owner / business owner, developer-builder of housing, … you are interested in reaching an agreement they provide you imor products) and also find information to become a manufacturer of imor products (you have a workshop, you want to start a new project at industrial level, …)

Find your nearest imor manufacturer

Each manufacturer is assigned an exclusive performance area. If your area is free you can become an imor Manufacturer.

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You can enjoy these advantages…

Proimor. Special software for imor manufacturers.

What does the program do? : Budgets, scale designs in 2D and 3D color, calculation of costs, orders, break-worksheets, assembly parts, management of a factory …

Do I have to pay for the use of the program? :  It’s FREE. It is provided by the head office of the imor brand to its best professional clients.

Wide variety of materials

Your business will consist in the manufacture and commercialization of imor products: wardrobes, dressing rooms, sliding doors, custom furniture, ….
All the materials to be able to manufacture you will be supplied from the central store of the imor brand: aluminum profiles, moldings, boards of all thicknesses, bearing fittings, accessories, drawer systems, auxiliaries …