A new year begins and, why not, a new life. What better time to order it in all aspects…sentimental, work, family and of course, everyday?

Now is the ideal time to spend some time ordering and reviewing what can be improved in your daily life and replacing it, discarding it or simply keeping only what is really useful to you.
It is, therefore, the ideal time to get hold of that new wardrobe … yes, the one that you have deserved for a long time and that will allow you to tidy up that mess.

In imor wardrobes we know that “good order is the basis of all things” and therefore our interiors are designed to facilitate the organization of your garments.
Shelves and drawers with different sizes, a variety of heights in the interior spaces, a wide range of accessories, a wide variety of finishes, etc …
Cabinet interiors in L, in U, simple …
Infinite combinations of the interior space of your wardrobe that make, at imor, we adapt to you and your needs.

“Your Organized Imagination”