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We put at your disposal the network of shops and distributors imor where you can find all our products and request the quotes you want. Custom Wardrobes, fitted wardrobes, custom-made closets, custom furniture, custom sliding doors, …

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imor shop Menuiserie Maurice

Rue principale 201, 67350 - Ettendorf (Bas Rhin)

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imor shop Laporte Scop

Route de Saint Sever 1025, 40320 - Samadet (Charente)

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imor shop NS2

19 Lotissement Vince Arnouville, 97170 - Petit Bourg (Guadeloupe)

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imor shop Atelier de Normandie Sarl

10 Rue Léonus Bénard. ZA Les Dunes , 97427- L'Etang Salé (Île de la Réunion)

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Your imor distributor – Baumann Jean Jacques

31 Rue Arnault Peyre, 34080 - Montpellier (France)

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Cuisines et Creations

Rue Serge Denis , 09000 - Foix (France)

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Your imor distributor – Continental Immobilier D’Entreprise

3, Chemin Jean Mermoz, 81990 - Cambon D'Albi (Midi Pyrenees)

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imor shop Atelier Du Placard

Za de L'Epinette, 77131- Pézarches (Seine et Marne)

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