¿What is imor?

imor is a project that was launched in February of 1999 and that manifests itself in the Spanish / international market, as a dynamic, creative brand, and with a constant innovation in new products mentality.
The main activity of the brand’s headquarters is the design, development and launch of systems-materials to be used in the manufacture-sale of: custom wardrobes,  built-in wardrobes, dressing rooms, sliding interior doors, custom furniture …

imor in the market

imor. Enjoy your imagination.
We are willing to make your dreams come true and, with the effort of all, execute projects that define our way of being. We seek your happiness. Your are to much than a customer. We are at your measure.


imor group

imor bases its expansion system on the so-called imor manufacturers, companies created to ocuppy the market based on geographical areas.

We are one of the most importants groups of custom furniture manufacturers in the world.

These are very specialized and homogeneus manufacturing centers that use the same operating parameters (Products, brand, marketing, manuals, computing …)

We are very close to our customers, wich allows us a careful and effective attention.

imor Central Brand